Jesus, Take the Wheel—a photo exhibition of the inscrutable United States through the eyes of not-an-American.

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Jesus, Take the Wheel. explores the narrative of my experience on the road trip. I was the photographer for an upcoming documentary production, Trent Turns 40 and Buys a Van, about the loss of faith in religion of two conservative Christians. As a foreigner and a non-believer, I was suddenly exposed to a vast land of mystery, from the muslims of California, mormons of Utah, to alien believers of Nevada and “America’s Next Top Model is proof that god exists” of Wyoming.

In the midst of conflicts between religious beliefs, cultural differences, and prejudice towards other countries, the exhibition aims to document the cultural and geographic diversity within the United States in hopes of finding harmony through people of all walks. In addition, I hope the audience walks away with mild discontent, thus embarking on their own journey across the country.

The show is on view October 7 through November 4, 2016 in the Artists at Work space at Maine College of Art (522 Congress Street, Portland, Maine), Monday–Friday 10am–5pm. Prints of the work are available in limited quantities—email for pricing and availability.

Click here for my interview with Maine College of Art.