The Penguin Club

A virtual reality documentary with Marilyn and Kris.

About a mile into an unpaved road in Cape Elizabeth, Maine lies a few houses by the undisturbed and scenic Alewife Cove. At one point, they were all Marilyn’s extended family, but now she and her husband are the only ones left in the area, and all the neighboring houses have been torn down and replaced by mansions that overlook the rocky coast.

Marilyn and Kris Kristiansen are residents of Alewife Cove whom have called Maine their home for the past decade. Prior to that, they lived in Scotland and ran an antique store together. While they have been enjoying the retired lifestyle here in vacationland, they still keep busy; Kris spends the colder days making paintings in his house and once it warms up, he sells his art at Fort Williams Park. Marilyn on the other hand helps out with the administrative work, responding to emails and packaging the prints.

Walking into their house feels like going into a museum filled with curious objects. “People assume everything here is junk, but most things here we can tell you a story of some sort,” Marilyn comments enthusiastically. The collection comes from all over the world, and every story feels like following them along to the places they have been.